Next Tasting May 25th.

Our next tasting is May 25th, (one week later then usual because of the long weekend). We will be featuring Mark Anthony Brands; an Irish Whisky tasting. More details to follow..

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November 24th Tasting Agenda (Note New Date!)

At 7:00 pm on Monday, November 24 and immediately prior to our tasting will be our annual business meeting. The agenda will include:

  1. Approval of our dues for 2015.  The Executive Committee has recommended that dues be increased from $190 to $200 for 2015 in order to maintain the quality of our tastings as Scotch prices have increased.

2014 Dues payment deadline would be 31 December. (Bring your cheque to the November tasting and you won’t have to remember!)

We have a waiting list of potential members, and any dues not paid by Dec. 31st may open that reserved membership in the Society to a new member.

  1. Election of officers for 2015. The officers include President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Quartermaster. We do have a slate of officers to present for election. However, I would encourage you to run or nominate anyone for any of these positions. Please email Harvey Silverstein directly at  with your nomination prior to our Nov. 24 tasting and annual meeting.


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Next Tasting Date Change

We have had to change the date for the next tasting to Oct. 6 at 7:00 pm at the Press Gang. You will be receiving a regular invitation in the next week or two to which you will need to respond.


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Laphroig Tasting was a hit.

A special tasting of Laphroaig paired with a menu expertly crafted by the crew at the Press

Gang was held on March the 6th. You can see a few pictures and see the menu here.

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You can now follow us on Twitter.

We’re now on Twitter. Click here to go to our account and follow us.

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Fundraiser for the Dartmouth General Hospital

Fundraiser for the Dartmouth General Hospital

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Plans & Dues for 2014 & Beyond

Our next tasting will be Monday, January 20th, 7:00pm at the Press Gang.  Please add it to your calendar now.

It is now two years since we have created the Scotia Whisky Society, and the feedback from our members has been most favourable.

The Board of Directors believes it has found the right model to reflect our members wishes and the society’s needs. Historically, we’ve kept our membership fees very low relative to the value received, relying on the good graces of distributors to contribute a large portion of our tastings whisky. Our ambition to establish a NSLC collaboration that would contribute financially is still elusive. After all that, we have been able to provide excellent tasting experiences with only a small annual loss.

We wish to take more control our tastings and other society experiences. We are instituting a dues policy that will allow the Society to function and grow without having to rely on suppliers for their economic sustenance. Of course, supplier contributions will be gratefully accepted, which will enhance our financial position. As our cash reserve grows, we hope to be able to provide increasingly interesting whiskies to savour as well as offer different kinds of events from time to time.

Our dues structure for 2014 is being set at $190. We don’t expect this to materially change in 2015 and beyond. As before there will be no further costs for tastings. We believe this is excellent value. Not only does this provide six tastings per year, you are beginning to see some bonus experiences such as the pre tasting event on November the 25th. We expect more of those in the future.

Our policy for renewal is payment required no later than the first tasting of January, which is Monday, January 20 at 7:00 pm at The Press Gang. It would be most helpful if you would mail in your renewal earlier so we can confirm membership for next year.  If for some reason you intend not to renew letting us know earlier than later would allow us to advise new members from our wait list. To maintain your membership in the Scotia Whisky Society please send your cheque for $190 to our treasurer, Alan Barnett at:
Scotia Whisky Society
1600 Bedford Hwy #100-449,
Halifax NS B4A 1E8

Happy Holidays to you all and see you in the New Year!

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